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jedzenieren's Journal

15 May
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This journal is about my weightloss. I update it daily. I used to be 161 and i want to get down to 100. It's going really well for now. I'm not on a really low-calorie diet ( i'm the 1000-1500 a day type ), i do eat right and exercise. After having the experience, i found that quick fixes and restricting diets made me lose fast, but i gained it all back. So i do it at a relatively slow pace, but i'm making myself sure that i will lose for real and forever. It does work. I'm having up and downs, happy and bad days, and i'm learning how to deal with it. I'm sometimes a bit obsessive, and i REALLY want to reach my goals, but i'm keeping myself healthy. Please know that even if i don't have an eating disorder i'm very open to those who have one, i won't judge you and i love to read all types of journals. The entries are in friend only so feel free to add me if you would like to read :) I love the fact that i can share my story and maybe help or inspire someone. If you want to say something, or ask me a question, send me a message, i'll be happy to read it and answer :)