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(no subject) [Oct. 7th, 2009|08:27 pm]
I haven't wrote here in a while because i've been busy all summer long but now i need to get back on track. I'm really serious and disappointed about how it went lately. I went down to around 109 pounds in june but gained back really quick and then i maintained my weight to 112-113 all summer long. But then i went on a trip with my boyfriend where we tried many vegan restaurants and i just ate and ate and ate and now i'm like 118-119 and i feel soooo bad. I feel like i'm really far from all my goals and i hate it. I have to get back in track NOW. The plan would be to be at 115 for november, at 110 for december and at 105 for january. And then maybe 100 for february. I'd love to be able to continue. Tomorrow i'll weight myself and set a realistic eating plan. I know i can do this because i did it not so long ago and i'm ready to do it again.

So the new plan is :

Goal weight 1 : 115 ( november )
Goal weight 2 : 110 ( december )
Goal weight 3 : 105 ( january )
Goal weight 4 : 100 ( february )

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Intro [Mar. 7th, 2009|10:27 am]

My current stats :

I'm 5'2.

CW: 123.6
HW: 161

Goal Weight 1 : 120 ( april ) reached on april 2nd
Goal Weight 2 : 115 ( may ) reached on may 10th
Goal Weight 3: 110 ( june )
Goal Weight 4 : 105 ( july )
Goal Weight 5 : 100 ( august )

So, my BMI is 22.5, and it has been 29.5! Here's my story.
I started all this a year and a half ago, maybe a bit more. I lost about 40 pounds yet, which is something i'm proud of. I started at 161, and after my doctor told me i had to lose weight i decided that i was tired to look fat. My first goal was 145, it took me about 2 months to achieve it. Then, i wanted to be 136 since it was the minimum weight to have a healthy BMI (under 25). It took me some months, i had plateaus, but finally made it. At 136, i realised that i COULD lose more, since i was getting good at dieting, so i had another goal : 125. I did it! But then, i kinda stopped. So i gained a few pounds, and i spent almost a year fluctuating between 125 and 130. Lately, i got bored of that and i told myself that it was the time to take control back and achieve my ultimate goals. I was at 128.4 on february 14th and that day i decided that i would lose more weight and that i could do this. Now we're march 7th and i'm already down to 123.6. So my first goal is to get to 120 by april, and then lose 5 pounds a month until i'm 100, my dream weight. I always managed to stay healthy and i don't want to ruin this. I know i can do this and stay in good shape. I know i can. I will.


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